The Man Behind the Manacles

Anthony Martin in a straight jacket

Ripley's Believe It Or Not declared him King of Escapists.  Police officials have called him potentially dangerous, unstoppable, and unbelievable.  Lock manufacturers despise and covet his secret.  Had he lived 300 years ago, he may have been burned as a witch

Todd Anthony Martin was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on March 4, 1966.

The mysterious and daring was always an interest to the young Martin.  His interests swaying from the world of magic to the world of daredevil and stuntman.  Anthony started his never-to-be shackled ways at the age of 10, four years after a Christmas Magic Set sent him on his elusive path.  Magic, however fun to the boy, proved too deceptive to the man.  Anthony vowed to prove skill and knowledge could surpass illusion and trickery in entertainment.

The escapist's first police substantiated escape at age 13 in his hometown jail quickly established him as a prodigy.  More escapes were to follow: ropes, chains, vaults, jail cells, even underwater releases from chains and coffins.  Nothing seemed able to contain the budding escapologist.  Jail cells that have contained such notable crime figures as Baby Face Nelson and Edward Gein of “Psycho” fame fell easy prey to his expert hands.

His exploits have been covered by every medium from Associated Press to prime time national television.  The escapist’s appearances in Ripley's Believe It Or Not have been translated into 17 languages around the globe.

The most dangerous escapes ever performed are the crowning masterwork of Anthony Martin.  Whether escaping from a box thrown out of an airplane or a cage lowered under the ice of a water filled quarry, he consistently defies all odds.  Having completely divorced himself from the tricks of illusionists, he has clearly defined and personified the Great Escape.  An Anthony performance is a genuine vicarious thrill for the viewer, a smorgasbord of excitement executed with the finesse of a master pianist.

This “school of hard locks” has culminated into presentable stage escapes without peer in the escape profession.  Anthony performs the majority of his escapes in full view of his audiences.  He also offers $25,000 to anyone who can prove he uses any faked locks or handcuffs.